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4 x 2020 NFL Select Mega Box Random Team 1/3 Case

Hosted by: @slabstat
Football: NFL (32-teams) - Football
Random Team
Friday, Jun 04, 2021
19:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-07)

How to buy direct?

What are we breaking?
4 x 2020 Panini NFL Select Mega Boxes
Each mega box has 10 packs x 4 cards per pack = 40 card per box x 4 mega boxes = 160 cards in total

What am I buying?
With your purchase, you are receiving 2 random teams. We will randomize the teams live on our stream
There is a total of 16 slots of 2-teams per slot = 32 NFL teams
Shipping is included

How to watch the break?

How much is shipping?
FREE via USPS First Class Mail

What is the Break time?
We will break on or around Friday, June 04, 2021 at 7:00pm PT

You are purchasing a random slot and will receive all cards from the break for the team that you purchased. **Please note, you are not guaranteed to receive any specific player, type of card, specific pack, specific box and there is a possibility that you will not receive a card at all.

# Team Buyer
1 Denver Broncos Jon O.
2 Dallas Cowboys Jon O.
3 Green Bay Packers Lorenzo G.
4 New Orleans Saints Matt C.
5 Cleveland Browns RANDOM F
6 Chicago Bears RANDOM A
7 New York Jets RANDOM C
8 Miami Dolphins Christopher P.
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers RANDOM F
10 Pittsburgh Steelers Christopher P.
11 Detroit Lions Runningthebreaks-KIM
12 Los Angeles Rams Quincy L.
13 Washington Commanders Devin D.
14 Minnesota Vikings RANDOM D
15 Carolina Panthers Runningthebreaks-KIM
16 Seattle Seahawks Craig T.
17 Atlanta Falcons RANDOM E
18 Los Angeles Chargers Quincy L.
19 Baltimore Ravens RANDOM D
20 New England Patriots RANDOM B
21 Las Vegas Raiders RANDOM B
22 Philadelphia Eagles RANDOM E
23 Houston Texans RANDOM A
24 Arizona Cardinals Craig T.
25 Indianapolis Colts Ryan M.
26 Tennessee Titans Christopher P.
27 Jacksonville Jaguars RANDOM C
28 San Francisco 49ers Ryan M.
29 Kansas City Chiefs Matt C.
30 New York Giants Christopher P.
31 Cincinnati Bengals Lorenzo G.
32 Buffalo Bills Devin D.